Accessibility statement

Name: Paul

Pathway: Part-time MA in the History of Art (taught programme)

Why did you choose this programme/pathway to study?

I didn’t opt for a particular pathway, opting to let my interests develop over the course. From an initial interest in contemporary art and installation, I’m currently preparing for a dissertation focused on minimalism, memory and autobiography. Having not studied History of Art before, the Theory and Historiography module was instrumental in introducing me to the methodologies of art history and increasing my confidence.

Why History of Art, and why York?

The course at York offers a great deal of approaches to art history, whilst many will know of York as a centre for studying the medieval, the course offers many opportunities to study more contemporary works and consider the theories behind them as well as considering multi-disciplinary approaches. Research seminars have also been particularly enlightening, providing insight into a variety of theoretical frameworks and approaches to art history.

What skills have your postgraduate studies allowed you to develop?

After working in graphic design following my undergraduate, I was particularly keen to improve and develop my (rather neglected) writing skills. I’ve particularly enjoyed developing my critical thinking skills and applying a variety of methodologies and theories to various artworks and movements. Moving on from a practical to an academic course, I was pleasantly surprised how creative the History of Art course can be, there is a lot of scope to apply original approaches and ideas.

How do you plan to use your History of Art MA and the skills you've learned in the future?

I feel the skills gained from the degree can be applied to a variety of careers, particularly the ability to think critically and creatively. I would love to pursue a career in galleries but also to return to my artistic practice with a renewed appreciation for theory.