Jason Edwards Co-curates New Exhibition at Yale and Tate Britain

Posted on 8 September 2014

This week sees the opening of a major exhibition of Victorian sculpture at The Yale Centre for British Art, moving on to Tate Britain in the New Year.

View in the East Nave (The Greek Slave, by Power [sic]), John Absolon, 1851 (c) The Metropolitan Museum of Art

With the industrial boom and urban expansion of the Victorian era, came a huge growth in the production of sculpture, with new forms of patronage and huge demand. Sculpture Victorious: Art in the Age of Invention, 1837-1901 explores the creation and display of sculpture in Britain and its empire during this period and examines the cultural and political significance of sculpture in the nineteenth century. 

The exhibition has been co-curated by Professor Jason Edwards of the University of York with Martina Droth, Associate Director of Research and Education and Curator of Sculpture at the Centre, and Michael Hatt, Professor of History of Art at the University of Warwick, with support from the Terra Foundation for American Art and Andrew Mellon.  It runs from September 11 to November 30 2014 at the Yale Centre for British Art, and moves to Tate Britain from February 25th to May 25th 2015.

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