MA Student Nele Luttmann Presents Public Lecture

Posted on 30 July 2014

Nele Luttman presented a paper on The Leake Panels at an event held by Friends of York Art Gallery last week.

Anonymous, The Leake Panels, early 16th century, York Museums Trust. Oil on oak, 69.5 x 115.5 cm.

Nele's paper 'Artworks of Conflict: A Study on The Leake Panels and Ecclesial Imagery in England Throughout the Course of the Reformation', is based on a case study as part of the research that she is conducting for her dissertation.  The Leake Panels are a medieval artwork from the early sixteenth century owned by York Art Gallery and currently on display at Tate Britain, due to the extensive redevelopment of York Art Gallery. They are named after their location of origin, Leake, now known as Old Leake in Lincolnshire.

The artwork consists of eleven oak panels assembled together, varying in size and depicting five different religious images.  There are indications that the panels were victims of an iconoclastic attack during the Reformation, when the defacement of figures in ecclesial imagery was widespread.  Through her research, Nele is exploring iconoclasm and the treatment of ecclesial imagery during the Reformation.