Jeanne Nuechterlein article in latest issue of The Burlington Magazine

Posted on 10 February 2014

The February edition of Burlington Magazine features an article by Jeanne Nuechterlein which complements her new exhibition at the National Gallery.

The Burlington Magazine, February 2014

Jeanne's exhibition 'Strange Beauty: Masters of the German Renaissance' opens on February 19th at the National Gallery and runs until May 11th.  Her article in The Burlington Magazine, entitled German Renaissance art through the eyes of the National Gallery, examines the acquisition of German Renaissance art by the National Gallery in the nineteenth century.  This issue (Number 1331 – Volume 0) focuses on Dutch, Flemish and German Art and is available to buy via their website.  It is also possible to buy a download of Jeanne's article only. 

Read more about the exhibition at the National Gallery.

Listen to Jeanne introduce the exhibition via the National Gallery's podcast, Episode 88.

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