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Ecological Perception and Decentralised Human Body

Friday 10 September 2021, 4.00PM

Earthlings - Anthropocene Art Talks, 2021, is a webinar series organised with four online talks in September and October. Each talk will focus on a specific environmental-related contemporary issue and be structured as a one-hour talk with invited artists, curators or academic researchers specialising in the related field. Webinars will explore factors including natural history, colonialism, geographical politics, resource exploitation, religious philosophy, technological revolution and global consumerism. The artists’ practices included will speak to this contemporary condition through multiple investigations and field studies, demonstrating how each individual is involved within this anthropogenic system. 


In this talk, Kudsk Steensen will be in conversation with art historian Amanda Boetzkes, to discuss the role of vision within artistic practices seeking to examine modes of ecological perception. With Boetzkes offering a specialist focus on the visualisation of Arctic landscapes, they will explore the potential and challenges of vision, technologically mediated or otherwise, for art addressing today’s ecological crisis.

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