Conversations in Honour of Jane Hawkes

Saturday 20 June 2015, 10.45AM to 21 June 5.00pm

Jane Hawkes

Dr Jane Hawkes’s contribution to the scholarship of early medieval art has been particularly noteworthy: addressing Old English Literature, Art History, Archaeology, iconography, stone sculpture, exegesis, the institutional & cultural identities of Rome and Stone, cultural transfer between East & West, eschatology, the role of imagery and Medievalisms, to give a selection of her interests.

This interdisciplinary symposium presents new voices who have been influenced by Jane’s contribution to scholarship, bringing together new research on a range of textual & visual material. Papers address the Insular world, the inheritance from late antique traditions & the wider medieval world in terms of material & cultural output; addressing how scholars  & artists interpreted & (re)imagined Christian culture  in Anglo-Saxon England – particularly though iconographic and exegetical milieu – in how these were viewed in their contemporary contexts & how they continued to spark intellectual engagement highlighting her invaluable contributions to the field as it stands & in creating new voices to continue the conversations around the Medieval.

Please see the conference website for full details, or contact Meg Boulton or Heidi Stoner.

Location: The Treehouse, Berrick Saul Building