Transition in the Medieval World

Saturday 12 May 2012, 9.00AM

The idea of the ‘medieval world’ has long been established in the scholarship of this and other periods. It has commonly been viewed as a counterpoint, of sorts, to other more recognised eras, such as the ‘Classical’ and the ‘Renaissance’; whereby the medieval has been perceived as static and monolithic. This perception, however, is extremely limited and limiting, as recent scholarship has begun to demonstrate.

This conference takes the theme of transition in its broadest possible understanding, seeking to explore, through the visual and material evidence, elements of the medieval which defy clear categorisation in the face of the predominant trend to taxonomize and classify in order to recognise and know. The theme of transition offers the possibility for new avenues of thought around how the period is conceptualised, allowing for flexible, shifting and changing attitudes to the art, objects, places, ideas and histories which define it.

This is a two day conference taking place on the 12th and 13th of May. Organized by Meg Boulton and Melissa Herman, Department of History of Art.

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Location: Berrick Saul Building