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Protective Glazing

Monday 9 March 2009, 9.00AM

Speaker(s): Keith Barley, Barley Studios; Tobit Curteis, Tobit Curteis Associates; Dr David Martlew, Society of Glass Technology; Dr Ivo Rauch, Buero Rauch, Koblenz and University of York; Léonie Seliger, Cathedral Studios, Canterbury

Recent and current projects in which external protective glazing is playing a key role in securing a future for historic stained glass will be presented by the architects and conservators responsible for them. The challenges of accommodating external protective glazing within historically sensitive contexts will be explored and projects at Canterbury, Wells, and Lichfield Cathedrals, Norbury parish church, St George’s Chapel, Windsor and York Minster will be described. The programme will showcase the latest research findings, setting the issues in a national and international context.

Download the 'Protective Glazing' Programme (PDF , 278kb)

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Location: York Medical Society

Admission: £90