'Britain and India: intersections in visual culture, 1800-1900'

Wednesday 25 February 2009, 12.00PM to 17:00

Speaker(s): Tracy Anderson, Partha Mitter, Daniel Rycroft, Tania Sengupta, Prasannajit De Silva

Held by the British Art Research School within the Department of History of Art, University of York, this symposium will feature short papers from a variety of senior and emerging scholars working on the relationship between Britain and India in nineteenth-century visual culture, in order to explore new themes and issues within this proliferating field. Addressing a range of materials (including paintings, prints, architecture and urban space) but commonly engaged with the social, political and cultural implications of imperialism, speakers will include Tracy Anderson (Sussex), Partha Mitter (Sussex/Oxford), Daniel Rycroft (UEA), Tania Sengupta (Westminster), Prasannajit De Silva (Sussex).

Download the 'Britain and India: intersections in visual culture, 1800-1900' Poster (PDF , 1,093kb)

Location: Kings Manor, K/33

Admission: Free entry, all welcome