Anglo-American: Artistic Exchange between Britain and the USA An International Conference

Saturday 25 July 2009, 9.00AM

Speaker(s): Wanda Corn (Stanford), Jennifer Greenhill (Illinois), Michael Hatt (Warwick), David Lubin (Wake Forest), Alexander Nemerov (Yale), Jennifer Roberts (Harvard), Cécile Whiting (California, Irvine).

Organizers: David Peters Corbett & Sarah Monks

This conference will explore the significance of Anglo-American cultural relations for the visual arts produced in Britain and the United States since 1776. Although some isolated moments in this history have been studied, this conference will be the first systematic attempt to consider the implications of a highly charged relationship for the histories of both British and American art. It aims to identify the important issues at the heart of the concept of ‘Anglo-American’ art and investigate the very idea of artistic ‘exchange’ across different cultures. At a moment when the utility of national schools as an organizing principle is being increasingly held up to scrutiny in the scholarship on both American and British art, a systematic examination of the detail of the fluid, and sometimes volatile, Anglo-American relationship and of the invested interests that have sought to define it is important and timely.

Location: K/133