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Tahsin Tasneem Tabassum
Project Support Officer (EDI Researcher)



Tahsin is a medical doctor who achieved a master’s in public health and is currently working as a public health researcher in the UK. After her internship, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she served as the research project supervisor for two crucial investigations, named ‘Tobacco Consumption and Severity of COVID-19 Patients - Bangladesh Perspective’ and ‘Risk Factors Associated with COVID-19 Reinfection.’ Tahsin has worked as research assistant in multiple other projects such as ‘Astute exploration of collective mental health events among the residents of elderly care homes in Bangladesh’ and ‘The compliance status of tobacco control laws in Bangladesh: A sagacious approach in a university setting.’

Tahsin also worked as a lecturer in the Department of Community Medicine, a branch of Public Health,  with the responsibility of guiding and nurturing the academic growth of undergraduate students. Her duties extended from traditional classroom teaching to evaluating student performance to organizing field visits, allowing students to witness the practical applications of community medicine.

Tahsin has always attempted to bridge the gap between preventive and curative medicine with her work.

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  • MBBS
  • MPH (Community Medicine)
  • MPH, University of York



Tahsin's academic interests are in public health, especially in addiction behaviours and mental health. She aims to investigate how these domains intersect in the larger framework of public health programs, intending to address the structural problems and inequalities that impact marginalized communities. Her goal is to support evidence-based programs, laws, and advocacy initiatives that promote healthy communities and lessen the toll that addiction and mental illness take on society.


  • UPTURN - Co-design and evaluation of an intervention to increase UPTake of pUlmonary RehabilitatioN for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: the UPTURN study.

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  • Lifetime member of Public Health Association of Bangladesh
  • Active volunteer at British Heart Foundation

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Tahsin Tabassum
Project Support Officer (EDI Researcher)

Tel: 01904 32(5589)