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Radha Shukla
PhD Student



Radha's current focus is to understand the extent of maternal smokeless tobacco consumption and factors that influence its initiation/change in practice during pregnancy. 


  • MBBS (Sardar Patel University, India)



Radha has a strong inclination towards primary care research in developing nations, with a focus on maternal and child health.

At present, Radha's aim is to understand epidemiology of maternal smokeless tobacco and related social/cultural determinants, to further help with development of effective cessation method. 


  • Extent of maternal smokeless tobacco consumption and potential familial influence in its initiation during pregnancy

Research group(s)


Selected publications

  • Case Series – Edorium Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics; Jadeja YD, Patel MU, Shukla R, Bhatt RK, Vaishnav S. Pediatric ovarian torsion: A case series. Edorium journal of gynecology and obstetrics. 2017;3:9-12.
  • Case Report – International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Jadeja YD, Shukla R, Vaishnav S, Patel M. Massive hemoperitoneum in case of large subserosal fibroid – a rare case report. International journal of reproduction, contraception, obstetrics and gynecology. 2017 July;6(7):3185-3187.
  • Case Report – International Journal of Surgery Case Reports; Gusani R, Shukla R, Kothari S, Bhatt R, Patel J. Inferior Vena Cava Aneurysm presenting as deep vein thrombosis – A case report. International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. 2016 Oct;29:123-125.
  • Narrative – Indian Journal of Medical Ethics; Pandya R, Shukla R, Gor A, Ganguly B. Personal experience narratives by students as learning tool in bioethics teaching. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. 2016 July;XIII(3):144-147.
  • Case Report – Journal of Clinical Research and Diagnostics; Gheewala U, Agrawal A, Shukla R, Bhatt R, Srivastava S. Transvaginal small bowel evisceration in known case of uterine prolapse due to trauma. Journal of Clinical Research and Diagnostics. 2015 Jan;9(1):PD09-10.

External activities


  • SNRT - Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Invited talks and conferences

  • FIGO World Congress 2015 – oral presentation on findings from a research project conducted in medical school

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Dr Radha Shukla
PhD Student