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Mike Parker
Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Emergency Nursing



Mike is an academic with 16 years’ experience in the NHS sector and five years’ experience in the university sector. He completed an Honours degree in Acute Healthcare at the University of Leeds in 2006, a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Education at Sheffield Hallam University in 2014 and is currently undertaking a Doctor of Education at The University of Hull. His postgraduate teaching qualification was recorded on the NMC register. Mike was elected as a Fellow of the Faculty of Emergency Nursing and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2011.

Mike’s clinical background is in Emergency and Unscheduled Care. Mike has worked at a number of Emergency Departments in the north of England over the last 16 years and has a particular interest in Trauma Care, Resuscitation, and Pre-Hospital Care. Mike is an Adult and Paediatric Instructor for the Resuscitation Council (UK) and teaches on a number of Advanced Life Support Courses around the UK. In 2016 Mike became an Advanced Trauma Nurse Instructor (ATNC/ATLS) and teaches on MDT courses at the Royal College of Surgeons of England ATNC/ATLS.


  • Professional Doctorate in Education
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Education (with Distinction)
  • BSc Hons in Acute and Critical Healthcare (First Class)
  • Clinical Management of Minor Injuries
  • Diploma in Gastrointestinal Nursing
  • Diploma in Higher Education (Registered Nurse Adult)
  • Advanced Trauma Nursing Course (ATNC/ATLS)



Mike's areas of interests are in using Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) to assess clinical competency and his doctoral thesis is on resilience in higher education. 


Selected publications

  • Nannen, D., Parker, M. & Foster-Lill. (2016) Early recognition and management of sepsis and septic shock in acute settings. Nursing Standard.
  • Parker, M. & Magnusson, C. (2016) Assessment of the Trauma Patients: International Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing. Volume 21. 21-30.
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Editorials, comments and professional opinions

  • Parker, M. (2017) Boards Eye View: Should nurses receive formal commendations? Emergency Nurse. 25(2)15.
  • Parker, M. (2016) Boards Eye View: Stand up to cutbacks. Emergency Nurse. 24(8)16.
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  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Emergency and Unscheduled Care
  • Cooperative Learning Group
  • Clinical Skills
  • Dissertation
  • Integrated Masters in Nursing


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing
  • Clinical Management of Minor Injuries
  • MSc in Advanced Practice

Other teaching

External activities


External Examiner roles

  • External Examiner for Derby University Undergraduate Nursing Programme

Editorial duties

Invited talks and conferences

  • Parker, M. (2017) Conference Presentation and Workshop: The Royal College of Nursing Congress, Liverpool. The assessment and management of trauma patients. 
  • Parker, M. and Nannen, D. (2016) Conference Presentation: NET Conference, Cambridge University: Educational innovation and enhancement: The development of assertion reason questions for the assessment of anatomy and physiology in level 7 graduate entry nurses.
  • Lowe, C., Brunsden, E., Parker, M., Nannen, D. and Neill, C. (2016) Conference Presentation: The University of York Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. An academic approach to employability: How thinking environments can produce thinking graduates. 
  • Nannen, D. Parker, M. (2016) Conference Presentation: SEDA Spring Conference, Edinburgh. The Development of Assertion Reason Question Exam for the Assessment of Level 7 Graduate Entry Nurses.
  • Parker, M. (2015) Conference Poster: Doctoral Symposium. The University of Hull UK. The Hidden Labyrinth of the Objective Structured Clinical Exam.
  • Parker, M. (2011) Conference Presentation: Sheffield Hallam University UK. Action Research to Identify the Various Roles Undertaken by Lecturer Practitioners at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Parker, M. (2006) Conference Paper: London UK. The College of Emergency Medicine Inaugural Scientific Meeting: Witnessed Resuscitation: is there a benefit to relatives?

Review and Editing of Academic Book Proposals and Manuscripts

  • Woodrow, P. (In press) Manuscript: Intensive Care Nursing 4th edition. Rutledge Publications. London. 
  • Skull, A and McGloin, S (in press) Manuscript: Principles of Acute Care Nursing. Sage Publications. London. 
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  • Garrett, B., Ong, P. and Galdas, P. (2016) Manuscript Clinical Pocket Reference for Nurses. Clinical Pocket Reference Publications. London

Mike Parker

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Dr Mike Parker
Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Emergency Nursing

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