Accessibility statement

Baltica Cabieses
Visiting Research Fellow



Baltica is a Chilean nurse-midwife with a Certificate in Innovative Methods for Education, a Masters in Epidemiology from PUC in Chile and a PhD in Health Sciences (health inequalities) from the University of York (2011). She has over 15 years of experience in applied health research, both quantitative and qualitative. Her research interests focus on disentangling underlying pathways and mechanisms to social inequalities in health. Her work focuses on the research topics of social epidemiology, social inequalities in health and migration and global public health. Baltica is a lecturer at Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile since 2008, a visiting scholar in the Department of Health Sciences since 2011 and an associate epidemiologist at the Bradford Institute for Health Research. At York, Baltica works with different research staff devoted to advance current knowledge on health inequalitites issues in the UK and Chile. She also supports the UDD in Chile and DoHS at York undergraduate interchange initiative since 2013.

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