Elena Ratschen
Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research



Elena is a Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research, specialising in applied health research related to tobacco smoking and mental health, with a particular focus on smokefree policy implementation in mental health inpatient settings. She was centrally involved in the development of NICE guidance and a joint Royal College of Physicians & Royal College of Psychiatrists in this area and is an active member of expert advisory groups and national partnerships related to smoking and mental health. Elena is also developing a portfolio of research in the area of animal-assisted intervention (AAI) research in health and social care.  

Before joining the Mental Health and Addictions Research Group in York in 2016, she obtained her PhD and held a lectureship at the University of Nottingham (UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies).


  • PhD (2010), University of Nottingham
  • MPH (2007), University of Nottingham
  • BA(hons) & MA (2004), University of Passau (Germany)



Elena is an applied health researcher with expertise in employing mixed methods and a particular interest in the development and evaluation of complex interventions. While the main focus of her work lies on tobacco smoking and mental illness (both from a public health and clinical perspective), she has been involved in research related to smoking in other vulnerable groups, such as the homeless, prisoners, and looked-after children in residential care. She has also led a large randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of a complex intervention to reduce children’s exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in the home in deprived communities. Other interests related to tobacco research include harm reduction and relapse prevention; holistic approaches towards treating multiple addictions and towards addressing poor physical health in people with mental disorder; and strategies to address health inequalities in vulnerable groups.

Elena has also been active in developing a research portfolio related to investigating the impact of animal-assisted interventions (AAI) in health and social care settings in a variety of populations across the human life span.

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Elena will be very happy to discuss potential for supervision in any area related to her research interests. 


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Dr Elena Ratschen
Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research

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