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Health Sciences student wins PhD Spotlight competition

Posted on 19 January 2024

Congratulations to first year PhD student Sarah Veale who won the University’s PhD Spotlight Competition at the 2024 YorkTalks.

Sarah Veale, a first-year PhD student, won the University's PhD Spotlight Competition at the 2024 YorkTalks this month. This competition, part of the annual YorkTalks event, challenges postgraduate researchers to communicate their cutting-edge research interactively. Originally a poster competition, it has evolved to encourage creativity across various mediums. Finalists, provided with limited resources, must transform these into engaging displays.

Sarah's winning entry, titled "It is Cheaper to be Fat, But What Does it Cost You?", focused on the impact of poverty on dietary choices during pregnancy. Through an eye-opening interactive display, Sarah measured sugar content in common foods, revealing the misconceptions and long term consequences of consuming ultra-processed items. Her research aims to contribute to effective policies for vulnerable communities by understanding the intricate relationship between poverty, food, and health- particularly during pregnancy. 

Sarah's victory not only showcases her academic excellence but also emphasises the importance of innovative diverse approaches in impactful research.