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Nurses need a 'voice' in decision-making to improve rentention, research shows

Posted on 1 February 2024

Nurses working in general practice during the Covid-19 pandemic felt largely ‘forgotten’ and undervalued, with many considering future career changes, according to the findings of a new study.

Dr Helen Anderson and researchers at the University of York conducted interviews and focus groups with 40 nurses across England to understand  how working during the pandemic had affected their well-being and the factors that contributed to job dissatisfaction.

The study showed that decisions on re-shaping general practice services during the pandemic, and going forward, were taken by GPs and practice management with little input from the nursing staff, despite most of their work requiring face-to-face interactions for the duration of the crisis. 

General practice nurses in England see seven million patients a month, and 84 million in a year. A recent report, however, predicted that one quarter of general practice nursing posts in England could be vacant in 10 years’ time, so retention of nursing staff has become vital for the future of the NHS, at a time when retention of GPs is also an issue.

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To view the animated version of the findings watch the short video below.