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Student midwife wins Student Nightingale Award

Posted on 6 July 2023

Second year midwifery student Jo Hewson was recently nominated for, and won, a Student Nightingale Award from South Tees NHS Foundation Trust.

Jo Hewson with award

Jo’s nominator said: “Jo came to work with us in the community in Northallerton. Jo had come to us from Harrogate so she had to meet a new team and learn new notes. She was understandably nervous at first, but she settled in very quickly, becoming a valued member of the team and a pleasure to work with.” 

“Jo is an excellent student midwife and the compassion she shows the women is amazing working as an advocate for the families she meets.” 

“During her placement Jo showed passion around a particular subject within Midwifery, she was able to research this and able to discuss her concerns with professionals, Jo has shown strength and knowledge to stand against a normal midwifery practice and showed incredible ability to support women and provide them with evidence-based knowledge. I was so proud hearing Jo discuss her concerns and how she hopes to change practice but more to develop her own practice in giving women choice.” 

“I feel very lucky to have spent a short period of her training with Jo and I  feel very lucky to have been part of her student journey.” 

“Jo definitely deserves this award.”

Jo said: “When I got the phone call to tell me that I had been nominated for an award, I was so shocked! Getting recognition for my passion and hard work in midwifery has given me such a boost to keep putting my all into this profession. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend a fantastic and informative awards ceremony event that enhanced my learning. To actually win the award was the cherry on top! It reinforced my knowledge that midwifery is what I am destined to do. I'm so grateful and will remember it throughout my career.”

Dr Helen Bedford, Subject Lead for Midwifery said: “This is a fantastic achievement and it is super to see our student midwives being recognised for their impact when out on placement. Very well done Jo!”