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Students attend Future Mental Health Conference

Posted on 3 November 2023

Eight mental health students are attending the 5th annual conference

Eight third year mental health students are attending the 5th student ‘Future Mental Health Nursing Conference’ being held in Sheffield on 3rd November. Shay Creaven, Stuart Harris, Jacob Hughes, Tina Kasaira, Jamie Leigh Rees, Hannah Shorrock, Jo Taylor and Aaron Wright are all be attending the event.

The conference is organised by a committee of student mental health nurses from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with the Mental Health Nursing Academics Group and the National Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Nurse Directors Forum.

The conference features talks by mental health nursing practitioners, academics and experts by experience from across the UK. They focus on compassion in practice, trauma informed care, research into mind management skills as an intervention for occupational burnout, as well as a question and answer session with trusts on how to make the best of preceptorships.

Rachel Skipper, Programme Lead for the BSc Nursing programme, said: “It’s fantastic to have some of our students wanting to attend and contribute at this important event. I hope they enjoy the opportunity to be involved and network with other mental health students. I look forward to hearing about how they got on.”