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Institutions as Actors

Friday 1 December 2017, 9.30AM to 2 December 2017

Institutions as Actors
The third workshop of the AHRC-funded ‘Institutions of Literature, 1700-1900’
research network

Friday December 1st: York Medical Society
9:30am – Introduction (Jenny Buckley, Jon Mee and Matthew Sangster)
9:45am – Panel One: Media and Circulation
• Bill Bell (Cardiff University): ‘Commercial Sociability: The Case of John Murray and his
Publishing Networks’
• Jessica Hamal-Akré (University of Montreal): ‘Gossip, Medical Writing, and Print Culture
in the case of Ann Moore, the Pretended Fasting Woman of Tutbury.’
• Karin Koehler (Bangor University): ‘“[L]etters must increase”: Reading and Writing the
Post Office as a Literary Institution’
11:15am – Tea
11:45am – Panel Two: Organising Knowledge in the Stacks
• Katie Halsey (University of Stirling): ‘Innerpeffray Library and the dissemination and
restriction of knowledge in rural Perthshire’
• Anne Stevens (University of Nevada, Las Vegas): ‘Circulating and Subscription Libraries:
Institutions as Creators of Genres’
• Tom Lockwood (University of Birmingham): ‘Charles Lamb in the British Museum’
1:15pm – Lunch
2:15pm – Panel Three: International Institutionality
• Gabor Gelleri (Aberystwyth University): ‘Travel Prize Contests within French Academy
• Barbara Schaff (University of Göttingen): ‘The University of Göttingen as an 18th century
mediator in Anglo-German literary transfer’
• Carmen Casaliggi (Cardiff Metropolitan University): ‘Holland House and the
Institutionalisation of European Identity’
3:45pm – Tea
4:15pm – Panel Four: Placing Literariness
• Sophie Coulombeau (Cardiff University): ‘“To give birth to valuable productions”: Dr. John
Trusler’s Literary Society that never was’
• Cassandra Ulph (Bishop Grosseteste University) ‘“By mind or money”: Anne Lister and
Halifax Institutions’
• Richard Salmon (University of Leeds): ‘Professional Services: The Incorporated Society of
Authors, 1884-1895’
5:45pm – Pause
6pm – End-of-Day Discussion
6:30pm – Close
7:30pm – Workshop Dinner

Saturday December 2nd: King’s Manor
9:30am – Panel Five: Authors Exhibiting, Authors as Exhibits
• Lucy Linforth (University of Edinburgh): ‘Scott and Scottish Antiquarianism’
• Sibylle Erle (Bishop Grosseteste University): ‘Alfred, Lord Tennyson: From Laureate to
• Oindrila Ghosh (Netaji Subhas Open University): ‘Locating Thomas Hardy’s Indian
Correspondents: Unpublished Letters at the Hardy Archives in Dorset County Museum’
11am – Tea
11:30am – Panel Six: Agency and Mediation
• Noah Heringman (University of Missouri): ‘Sumptibus Societatis Antiquariorum: The
Shifting Location of Institutional Agency in the Print Series of the Society of Antiquaries’
• Mark Towsey (University of Liverpool): ‘The Agency of Subscription Libraries’
• David Higgins (University of Leeds): ‘Mediating Catastrophe: The Batavian Society and the
Eruption of Mount Tambora’
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Panel Seven: Conceptualising the Institution
• David Brewer (The Ohio State University): ‘Institutions without Addresses’
• David Worrall (University of Roehampton): ‘Theatres as Actors’
• Dahlia Porter (University of Glasgow): ‘Embedded Institutions’
3:30pm – Tea
4pm – Concluding Roundtable
• Alex Buchanan (University of Liverpool)
• John Gardner (Anglia Ruskin University)
• Sharon Ruston (Lancaster University)
• Jon Mee (University of York)
• Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow)
5:30pm – Close
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Location: The York Medical Society and the King's Manor

Admission: Free, but registration required.