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The Sweet Life on DEC - Decolonising Education Collective's New Podcast!

Posted on 3 July 2023

DEC is very proud and excited to announce our new podcast series 'The Sweet Life on DEC'. Episode 1 is now live on all major streaming platforms (Buzzsprout, Spotify and Apple Podcasts).

Available now to download

Episode 1: Let's Start at the Very Beginning with Zara Sharif 

"Children don't leave their culture and ethnicity at the classroom door. Even though the education system demands that of them."

Welcome to The Sweet Life on DEC - the Decolonising Education Collective's new podcast! In Episode 1, host - Josh Maughan - introduces DEC with core member, Zara Sharif. Together, they discuss why decolonisation and diversification is so important in university culture, the importance of creating accessible platforms for marginalised voices, and the confidence the discussions taking place in DEC have given them. 

We hope this episode inspires you to begin, or get involved in, these discussions wherever you may be.  If you're at the University of York and would like to join DEC, feel free to email Josh at