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CRESJ at the University of Tübingen

Posted on 7 November 2019

Dr Amanda Naylor & Professor Nicholas McGuinn have been awarded the role of the Ottilie-Wildermuth Visiting Chair of Teaching English as a Foreign Language by the University of Tübingen.

Dr Amanda Naylor was awarded the role for the summer term of 2019 between April and September, and Profesor Nicolas McGuinn is the current chair for winter 2019-20.

The role of the Ottilie-Wildermuth Visiting Chair of Teaching English as a Foreign Language involves sharing expertise in research relating to heterogeneity, diversity, inclusion, identity, language acquisition and language learning. Visiting staff who hold this position work closely with the University of Tübingen’s English Department and their new School of Education.

Amanda's main research interests are the teaching of literature and poetry, teacher training and digital pedagogy. Her most recent publications are ‘Shakespeare, Turgenev (and Kalashnikov) in Siberia’ (2018) In Students, Places and Identities in English and the Arts and ‘Deep learning; Enriching teacher training through mobile technology and international collaboration in the  International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning.  She is editing a forthcoming book to be published by Bloomsbury later in the year, Transforming Teacher Education with Mobile Technologies, with Professor Kevin Burden of Hull University. Read more about Amanda's time spent in the role.

Nicolas gave a lecture on 6 November titled'Listening Across Differences: King Lear in Buryatia'. He has worked with teachers of English around the world, including Japan, Pakistan and the Russian Federation. His current research interests include the teaching of citizenship, drama and literature and his most recent books are: The English Teacher’s Drama Handbook (2014) and Take Off into English Teaching (2017), both published by Routledge. Read more about Nicolas' time in the role.