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Islam’s influence on Muslim’s youth Higher Education aspirations Conference

Posted on 9 October 2019

Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice (CRESJ) hosted a research conference and workshop, funded by the C & JB Morrell Trust* and the Morrell Centre for Toleration, in the York Medical Society in the historic centre of York, on 25 September 2019.

Current research indicates that despite the increased ethnic participation in higher education in the UK, Muslim youth have low levels of qualifications, with only a quarter over 16 years achieving level 4 and above. The links
between Muslim youth’s faith and educational ambitions are important to explore in order to understand the possible benefits of this alliance. Attendees, speakers and panellist in this one-day conference-workshop, provided valuable insights into Muslim youth’s ‘faith capital’ and ways in which faith may be understood to influence young people’s higher education aspirations. The event had 25 registered participants, including academics, researchers, Head and senior school teachers, an Imam and young people currently in higher education.

This research conference was funded through the C & JB Morrell Trust Priming Fund, awarded earlier this year to a CRESJ member, Dr Constantino Dumangane Jr (Lecturer), and was a first event of a larger project on Faith and Higher Education. Constantino was supported by Agata Lambrechts (Ph.D. researcher, CRESJ) and Jeehaan Terngano (Ph.Dresearcher, CReLLU) in organising the event and preparing the report.

Full report from the Conference, including the programme will be available on the project website at: at the end of October 2019.

*The C & J B Morrell Trust, The C & J B Morrell Trust is named after John Bowes Morrell, formerly Lord Mayor of York. The Trust funds educational projects, especially those associated with the city of York, and for over 30 years it has funded the Morrell Centre for Toleration and the annual Morrell Address on Toleration at the University of York.