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Read for free! A preview of the introduction to our forthcoming JEMH special issue on 'Conversion Narratives in the Early Modern World'

Posted on 8 October 2013

A special issue of the influential Journal of Early Modern History, co-edited by Conversion Narratives' postdoctoral fellows, Peter Mazur and Abigail Shinn will explore 'Conversion Narratives in the Early Modern World'.

JEMH (PDF , 761kb)JEMH (PDF , 761kb).

Ranging from London and Rome to Brazil and Japan, six essays explore how conversion was represented and manipulated to different ends by individuals, institutions, and communities. Abi and Peter's thought-provoking introduction puts these case studies in their critical and historical context and celebrates the 'discordant cacophony of voices ... which went into constructing and disseminating representations of religious metamorphosis in the early modern world.

The Journal of Early Modern History, the official journal of the University of Minnesota Center for Early Modern History, is the first scholarly journal dedicated to the study of early modernity from a world-historical perspective, whether through explicitly comparative studies, or by the grouping of studies around a given thematic, chronological, or geographic frame.