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Senior Research Fellow

  • BA Hons (First Class) Social Policy
  • MA, University of York

Deborah Quilgars is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Housing Policy with twenty five years housing research experience, with particular expertise in homelessness and housing and support services for vulnerable groups.

Deborah has undertaken extensive research on homelessness and housing related support for vulnerable and marginalised households. She is a particular expert in youth homelessness, having undertaken work on child poverty and well-being, the role of foyers, and a UK-wide review of youth homelessness. Deborah has directed a number of evaluations of pilot projects designed to prevent or address homelessness, including services for homeless families, families with alleged anti-social behaviour, ex-offenders and teenage parents.  She has also undertaken review work on the accommodation and support needs of asylum seekers and refugees, gypsies and travellers, households at risk of domestic violence and veterans.  She is interested in the intersections between risk and difference. 

Deborah has an interest in the delivery and management of sustainable housing. She also has undertaken considerable work on safety nets for low income home owners both nationally, and the (in) security of home ownership including the role of housing equity.

With Nicholas Pleace, Deborah represents the UK in the European Observatory on Homelessness which operates under the auspices of the Fédération Européenne des Associations Nationales Travaillant avec les Sans-Abri, (FEANTSA).  Deborah is also a member of the Women's Homelessness in Europe Network (WHEN).




Research interests

  • homelessness and housing and support services
  • young people
  • service evaluation
  • sustainable housing
  • European perspectives

Deborah is a specialist in qualitative research methods, but also has extensive experience of reviewing methodologies and the integration of quantitative and qualitative material in mixed method research. She also has a particular expertise in the evaluation of pilot projects.

Research news




Full publications list

Croucher, K., Quilgars., D., Baxter, D. and Dyke, A. (2017) Housing and Life Experiences: First interviews with a qualitative longitudinal panel of low income households, Second interim report to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Housing and Life Experiences - 2nd interim report (PDF , 1,348kb)

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