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York to host homelessness webinars

Posted on 18 February 2021

The Centre for Housing Policy (CHP) is to host a series of webinars focused on improving the measurement of homelessness in Europe.

The webinars will explore the results of a four-year international programme of research into creating standardised measures of European homelessness.

The work has been supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), an EU- funded organisation which encourages European research collaboration, under COST Action CA15218 - Measuring homelessness in Europe

Topics include enhancing homelessness counts, exploring hidden homelessness, the potential of administrative data merging, measuring migration and homelessness and counting methodologies.

Professor Nicholas Pleace, Director of CHP is one of the speakers. He said: “It’s a real honour for York to support this event. It will give valuable insights and encourage further international collaboration to tackle the problem of homelessness across Europe.”

Focused on researchers and analysts with an interest in homelessness, the free online seminars will be held on 25 February, 4 March and 11 March. Registration closes on 20 February.

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