Accessibility statement

Lidia Kristia Alfanti


I am working with Dr Sarah Moller and Professor Alastair Lewis. My project will be looking at how net-zero policies might affect air pollution. I previously completed my Masters in SHEE at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan). Alongside my research, I enjoy cooking and going to the gym!


Masters in Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology; Bachelors in Environmental Engineering at Diponegoro University.

Research interests

Atmospheric chemistry, net-zero and indoor air pollution.

Project title

Implications for air quality from net-zero policies and pathways in the UK.



NERC Panorama.

Project outline

This PhD project will explore specific UK net-zero policies from a systemic perspective, with a focus on identifying where there are opportunities for significant co-benefits for air pollution that can be realised and where there may be trade-offs that need to be recognised and, if possible, mitigated, or minimised.

The analysis will look further than the obvious impacts of desired policy endpoints to explore how different pathways and transitory activities affect air pollution throughout policy implementation. The project will use systems approaches alongside evidence synthesis to carry out secondary research, produce novel insights, and identify major knowledge gaps. It will aim to identify specific areas of risk and/or opportunity, and to inform current thinking about how the UK can leverage greater environmental gains from actions to limit our climate impacts.