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Measuring health & quality of care



The primary objective of healthcare systems is to maintain or improve patients’ health with its given resources. Healthcare providers such as hospitals, GPs or NHS nursing homes may vary in the quality of the care they provide, with notable failures giving rise to widespread public concern (see for example the Francis Inquiry report). It is therefore vital to measure, monitor and appropriately incentivise the quality and safety of care provided and assess its impact on the health and wellbeing of both patients and their families. Our contributions to this area of research include:

  • use of health outcome measures, including those reported by patients themselves, to quantify provider variation in quality
  • design and evaluation of casemix adjustment systems
  • identification of safety events in administrative data
  • international comparisons of healthcare quality
  • determinants of quality and safety in healthcare providers
  • issues surrounding the construction of composite indicators of quality performance
  • evaluation of quality of care under different incentive arrangements, including pay-for performance

Contact: Nils Gutacker




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