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Beer and science - C2D2 research at the pub

Posted on 9 May 2014

York Scientists are leaving the laboratory for the more congenial atmosphere of the pub to engage the public with their research into advancing human health

Dr Stephen Smith from Electronics and Betsy Pownall from Biology will talk about their pioneering work to develop a new animal model of Parkinson's Disease, a devastating chronic disease of the nervous system which is estimated to effect one in five hundred people. The zebra fish model offers the possibility of high through-put screening of new drug candidates at an economically-viable level. The project brings together Dr Pownall's expertise in development biology and the zebra fish model with the diagnositic algorithms developed by Dr Smith to monitor disease progression in Parksinon's Disease patients.

Dr Mark Coles will present some of the cutting-edge research of the new York Computational Immunology Laboratory (YCIL) of which he is co-Director. ‌Combining the insight and knowledge of immunologists, engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians, YCIL investigates complex immune processes through the development, implementation and interpretation of computer simulations with the goal of significantly advancing the process of developing new therapeutics while reducing the usage of animals. Dr Coles will be joined by his PhD student Liz Gothard in exploring the potential of these innovative new methods to improve healthcare in the areas of wound-healing, infections and inflammation.

The York events have been organised by a team of University postgraduate student volunteers with guidance from Physics Outreach Officer Katherine Leech. Several other C2D2 associates are also giving talks.

The Pint of Science is in its second year but this is the first year event that York has participated. The talks will take place at Brigantes Bar & Brasserie, the Fulford Arms, and two venues at Stonegate Yard on the evening of Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st May.  

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