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York Engineers Meet University of York Cancer Researchers

Posted on 15 November 2013

C2D2 sponsors outreach event involving postgraduates in the Departments of Biology and Physics

On 24 October, an outreach event took place where members of the York Society of Engineers were invited to enjoy an evening at the Biology Department. The evening was designed to give PhD students an opportunity to present their research to a lay audience and provide guests an opportunity to learn about some of the cancer-related research going on in the Department.

In the Department of Biology, University of York, there are a number of research labs which investigate various aspects of cancer including, causes, diagnosis and treatment, often involving interdepartmental, multidisciplinary collaborations, for example with Departments of Physics (Dr Deborah O'Connell) and Chemistry (Prof. Jane Thomas-Oates). 

The evening included presentations by four PhD students: Rhiannon McNeill (Occupational Exposure to Heavy Metals and the Link to Bladder Cancer), Rose Wilson (Structural Organisation of DNA in Cancer), Ming Yang (Membrane Potential as a Bioelectrical Signal in Cancer Progression) and Adam Hirst (Cold Plasma - from Science Fiction to Healthcare). Presentations were followed by lab tours of the Brackenbury, Coverley, Maitland (Cancer Research Unit), and Southgate (Jack Birch Unit) labs. The evening ended with a buffet supper, where students were able to discuss their research with the guests in a more casual setting.  A good time was had by all, with the following feedback received from the York Society of Engineers “Our members appreciated the amount of time taken to prepare the presentations which all agreed were very informative and at the correct level of detail for the understanding of a group of engineers”.

The funding for this evening was provided by C2D2 and the Department of Biology.

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