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Investing in the interdisciplinary skills needed by early career researchers

Posted on 22 March 2013

Three early career researchers are to take up 'discipline-hopping' internships funded by C2D2

It is becoming more and more the consensus that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to generate the most effective therapies and treatments for chronic diseases and disorders and research funders are consequently increasingly looking for evidence of a wider interdisciplinary perspective in those they fund.

In the light of this, C2D2 has appointed three early career researchers to its new 'discipline-hopping' internship scheme. For the period of a year they are being given the opportunity to pursue a project on a chronic disease or disorder that matches their existing research interests but is based in a new academic area for them. By enabling them to develop a new range of skills and knowledge to complement their expertise in their original discipline, these internships offer the post-holders the chance to construct a stronger platform from which to launch their research careers.

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