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Dr Ulrike Ehgartner
Research Associate



Ulrike is a social scientist with a PhD in Sociology. She joined the University of York in August 2021 as a Research Associate on the FixOurFood programme, researching local food economy initiatives and how they can impact production to consumption in a regenerative way. She is interested in sustainability, consumption and transformational change with a focus on questions related to environmental issues, social inequality, agency and behaviour change. Concerned with how framings and understandings of social challenges are interrelated with policy making, collective individual behaviour and physical environments, her work focusses on the interplay between discourses, imaginaries and practices. Ulrike’s methodological expertise is in critical discourse analysis and she is passionate about co-productive and transdisciplinary forms of research.


Subject Group

People, Operations and Marketing


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Selected Publications

Ehgartner, U. (2020): The discursive framework of sustainability in UK food policy: The marginalised environmental dimension. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 0(0), 1-13.

Ehgartner, U., Boons, F. (2020): COVID-19 and Practice Change in the Everyday Life Domains of Hygiene, Eating, Mobility, Shopping, Leisure and Work: Implications for Environmental and Social Sustainability. Manchester: Sustainable Consumption Institute. December 2020

Welch, D., Ehgartner, U. (2019): Imagined Futures of Consumption. Lay Expectations and Speculations. Discover Society, DS73.

Ehgartner, U. (2018): Discourses of the food retail industry: Changing understandings of ‘the consumer’ and strategies for sustainability. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 16, 154–161.

Ehgartner, U., Gould, P. and Hudson, M. (2017): On the Obsolescence of Human Beings in Sustainable Development. Global Discourse, 7, 66-83.


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