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Dr Sabrina (Hongxia) Chai


  • Lecturer
  • Director of International Partnership Programme
  • PGT Social Policy Admissions


Areas of expertise

  • Public Policy
  • Comparative Social Policy
  • Governance

Academic biography

With a BA in Economics, 3 years working experience in a state-owned enterprise, and an MA in Chinese Politics, I became a Lecturer (later Senior Lecturer) in the Department of Public Management in the China Academy of Governance (Beijing). Sponsored by the British Council, I came to study an MA in Public Policy and Public Administration in the Department of Politics and International Relations at York. Later, I continued my PhD study in York, during which time I also worked for Halifax College and the Journal of Policy Studies. I then worked at the University of Derby, where I helped to establish a series of partnerships. After successfully establishing links with overseas partner universities for York, from October 2010, I joined in Department of Social Policy and Social Work as a Teaching Fellow in comparative social policy. My research interests include Chinese and British public policy, governance, and comparative social policy.

Recent publications

Tang J, Chai H and Wang J (2012), ‘Analysis on the Emergence of Homeowners’ Self-governance Mechanism and its Sustainability: A Case Study on Residential Community in Shenzhen’. Forthcoming.

Horsfall D and Chai H (2012), ‘Square pegs and round holes: extending existing typologies fails to capture the complexities of Chinese social policy’. Social Policy Review, forthcoming.

Chai H and Song X (2012), ‘Analysing Chinese Communist Party’s Political Reform rationales’. Forthcoming

Sabrina Chai

Contact details

Dr Sabrina (Hongxia) Chai
Teaching Fellow Comparative Social Policy
School for Business and Society

Tel: 01904 32 1204