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Professor Nick Ellison

  • Professor of Social Policy

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Areas of expertise

  • Contemporary UK social policy
  • The nature and impact of globalization and the changing politics of welfare regimes
  • Citizenship in theory and practice
  • The impact of social media on local democracy

Academic biography

I joined the Department of Social Policy and Social Work in September 2013.  Prior to coming to York, I worked in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds (2007-13) where I was Head of School (2006-11) – and before that in the School of Applied Social Science at Durham University. My current research interests focus around citizen participation and social media, theories of citizenship and the comparative politics of social policy – including the impact of globalization on welfare systems in economically developed countries. I have, for many years, been active in the UK Social Policy Association and am currently Chair of the SPA. 

Professional activities

  • Chair, REF Sub-Panel 20, Social Work and Social Policy, 2018-22
  • Chair of the UK Social Policy Association, 2012-16
  • Vice Chair of the UK Social Policy Association, 2006-9
  • Chair, Editorial Board Journal of Social Policy, 2012-16
  • Member, REF sub-panel 22, Social Policy and Social Work, 2011-14


Current research interests and projects

  • Social media and local government with particular reference to emerging forms of citizen participation at local level.
  • Theories of citizenship and belonging with a particular interest in forms of online participation.
  • The comparative politics of social policy, including the impact of global economic pressures on developed welfare systems.

PhD supervision

Supervision interests:

  • Social citizenship and social rights in developed welfare systems
  • Forms of citizen participation
  • Social media and (local) governance
  • Labour market and pensions policies in developed welfare systems
  • The impact of global economic pressures on welfare states

PhD students:

  • Barry Kew on animal rights
  • Maria Griffin on Direct payments and welfare governance
  • Ali Hajighasemi on The Swedish welfare state
  • Kevin Caraher on the Malaysian pensions system
  • Mark Edwards on evolutionary theories of citizenship
  • Ruth Patrick on the lived experience of welfare reform
  • Dan Edmiston on individuals' understandings of social citizenship

Recent publications


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Book Chapters

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Ellison, N. (2000). 'Labour and Welfare Politics', in B. Brivati and R. Heffernan (eds), Labour's Century, Macmillan.

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Professor Nick Ellison
Professor of Social Policy
School for Business and Society

Tel: 01904 32 1265