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Dr Nadine Waehning
Programme Leader in Marketing and Programme Leader of MSc Global Marketing



I started working at the University of York in 2020 I am the Program Leader of MSc Global Marketing and Lecture in Marketing. I was a Program Director and Senior Lecturer at York St John University from 2014-2020 teaching at UG and PG. I hold a PhD from Hull University in the area of consumer behaviour (regional product purchase) and cultural differences. I ran my own business in international marketing consultancy during my PhD – Initio Marketing.

In 2017, I started to create a community for Marketers in York. This group includes anyone who is working in Marketing or sees themselves as a Marketer (practitioners, academics, students) or is working in any related discipline design, PR, any other communication channel and/or strategy. This group meets 4-6 times a year to organise CPD accredited events, networking and experience sharing events but also gets involved in further growing the mentoring program in and around York with the help of the CIM.


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My research expertise spans across a variety of both qualitative and quantitative studies. My PhD was looking into Consumer motives to purchase regional products: the relationship with regional cultural differences and demographic variables. My current area of research focuses on internationalisation enablers and challenges for micro-firms in the case of craft breweries.

I have developed a strong, and growing international research profile built on individual and team working with researchers from the UK and overseas (e.g. Finland, Pakistan.). My research is interdisciplinary bringing together marketing, entrepreneurship, regional studies and ecology to develop a greater understanding of consumer behaviour and marketing strategy.

Research interests / Scholarly Activity

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Cultural differences
  • International marketing
  • Marketing for SMEs (focus on micro-breweries)


I led and was the co-Investigator on multiple internal grants (totalling £15,312) e.g. Pump Prime Funding Applications; International Collaboration Fellowship.

As a research team we applied for Scottish Universities Insight Institute 2017 worth (£20,000) looking into Crafting Growth: Exploring emerging potential & challenges of extended collaboration for Scotland’s craft beer sector.


I would welcome inquiries from potential research students working on International Marketing; Cultural Differences; Consumer Behaviour; Strategic Marketing; Marketing of SMEs.

Current supervision

  • An Examination of Country-of-Origin Effect on Internationalisation of Palestinian Companies in the Light Manufacturing Sector. (Passed 2023)
  • Analysing the social media communication for SMEs in the fashion retail industry: A case study of Bangladesh. (Passed 2022)


Full publications list

Edited books

Waehning N., Karampela M. & Pesonen J. (2018) “‘Craft’ as a contested term: Revealing meaning diversities among consumers in the context of the craft-brewing industry”, in Bell E., Mangia G., Taylor S. & Toraldo L.: The organization of craft work – Identities, Meanings and Materiality, London: Routledge.

Book chapter/case study

O’Brien J. & Waehning N. (2018) Mikkeller: A Gypsy Brewer Born Global, London: Sage Business Cases. Sage.

Dahl S. & Waehning N. (2015) “Ethical Consumption”, in Eagle, L. & Dahl, S.: Marketing Ethics & Society, London: Sage.

Journal articles

Cabras I., Shakina E., Waehning N., Bosworth G., & Sohns F. (2023) Brewing at the time of COVID: the impact of the pandemic crisis on UK craft breweries and its implications for the sector and local economies. Regional Studies. Published.

Waehning N., Bosworth G., Cabras I., Sohns F., Shakina E. (2023) Resilient SMEs and Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the UK craft brewing sector. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Research. Published.

Cabras I., Waehning N., Sohns F., Shakina E. & Bosworth G. (2022) “Brewing Growth: Regional Economic Development, Social Engagement and the Global Beer Industry” (in review)

Waehning N. & Filieri R. (2022) Consumer Motives for buying regional produce: the REGIOSCALE. Marketing Letters. 33 (2). 215-236

Waehning N., Cui C.C., Cabras I., & Bian X. (2022) How consumers' need for variety and social consumption influences festival patronage and spending. Event Management.

Cabras I., Waehning N., Sohns F., Shakina E. & Bosworth G. (2021) “Brewing Growth: Regional Economic Development, Social Engagement and the Global Beer Industry” (in review)

Cabras I., Lorusso M. & Waehning N. (2020) Measuring the economic contribution of beer festivals on local economies: The case of York, United Kingdom. International Journal of Tourism Research. Vol.22, No.6, pp.739-750.

Waehning N., Sirkeci I., Dahl S. & Zeyneloglu S. (2018) Case Study: Regional Cultural Differences Within and Across Four Western European Countries. Transnational Marketing Journal. Vol.6, No.1, pp.23-47.

Costello R., Reed A.K., Waehning-Orga N. & Shaw N. A. (2014) “Research-led Training: the PhD Experience Conference 2013 Supporting the Student in Higher Education”. Enhancing Learning in The Social Sciences (ELiSS) ELSS-2013-0019.

Conference papers

Wells V., & Waehning N. (2022) A foraging examination of pub choice behaviour. Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy. Perth.

Waehning N. & O'Connor F. (2022) What drives on- versus off-trade beer consumption Internationally? - A Panel Analysis of 97 countries. Beeronomics Conference - Dublin, UK

Wells V. & Waehning N. (2022) A foraging examination of pub choice behaviour.  Beeronomics Conference - Dublin, UK

Wells V. & Waehning N. (2022) A foraging examination of pub choice behaviour.  ACR - Quito, Ecuador

Karampela M. & Waehning N. (2018) “Too small for a too large global marketplace? An exploratory investigation into micro-firms' internationalization initiation and processes in the context of the British craft-brewing industry”. EMAC Glasgow.

Waehning N., Karampela M. & Bright K. (2017) “Exploring the relative importance of consumer motives when purchasing craft and premium beer, and the ignored role of intermediaries: ​A preliminary analysis with British consumer”. Beeronomics Conference Copenhagen.

Karampela M. & Waehning N. (2017) “Local heritage – A hindrance or a catalyst for successful internationalization initiation? Empirical evidence from micro-businesses in the British craft-brewing industry”. CIMaR Florence.

Waehning N. & Karampela M. (2017) “The role of networks and relationships for micro-firms' growth: A typology and exploratory analysis of their relative importance in the context of the micro-brewing sector”. AM Hull.

Karampela M. & Waehning N. (2016) “Exploring the UK Micro-Brewing Industry: Factors facilitating and hindering Micro-firms’ growth and internationalisation efforts”. AMS Paris.

Pesonen J. & Waehning N. (2016) "Customer and product orientation in SME marketing strategy: evidence from microbreweries". AM Newcastle.

Waehning N. & Dahl S. (2015) “A transnational study to identify consumer motives to buy regional products”. ANZMAC Sydney.

Hoyland T., Hokkham Williams C., Pich C., & Waehning N. (2015) “Personality variables as an antecedent of ethical leadership and unethical negotiation behaviours”. EGOS Athens.

Waehning N., Dahl S. & Reif S. (2014) “Evaluating Regional Cultural Differences in Germany and Great Britain”. AM Bournemouth.

Waehning N. (2013) “The impact of regional cultural differences and demographic variables on consumer region-centric tendencies: Developing the CRTSCALE for the United Kingdom and Germany”. AM Cardiff.

Invited research contributions and professional talks

Waehning N. (2022) Keynote: Doing Business in changing market environments. ECDE - Islamabad, Pakistan.

Waehning N. & Wells V. (2022) A foraging examination of pub and beer choice behaviour. CHEFS Research Talk - Sheffield Hallam University.

Presentation: Waehning N. (2018) “Consumer motives to purchase craft beer”, Pint of Science Festival, York.

Presentation: Waehning N. and Karampela M. (2017) “Communication gap between breweries, intermediates and consumer.”, CAMRA beer festival, York.

Presentation: Waehning N. and Karampela M. (2017) “‘Craft’ as a contested term: Revealing meaning diversities among consumers in the context of the craft-brewing industry”, book chapter from The organization of craft work – Identities, Meaning and Materiality, Routledge.

Presentation: Waehning N. (2016) “Cultural differences – latest research”, Regents Park University, Department: Transnational Studies & Marketing, London.



  • International Marketing Strategy - Module leader


  • Global Marketing
  • Ethical Marketing and Sustainability
  • Brand Management
  • Dissertation - Supervisor
  • Project Module – Module leader

External activities


  • Chartered Marketer - Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), May 2014
  • PNP consultancy 2021: Offering Strategic Marketing advice to two local businesses.

Business engagement

  • York Popup Business Advice Café 2015: Free advice given to local business from York and surrounding areas.
  • Consultancy project 2014/15: My Knowledge Map– Software development project – total value £7,744.46 for the University; we conducted market research and organised, conducted and analysed a focus groups for further product development.
  • Consultancy project 2014/15: ELZO – Event management company – total value £6,952.62 for the University; I conducted some market research, developed a small strategic marketing plan and assisted with consultancy sessions.
  • Consultancy project 2014/15: S12 – Music recording company – total value £7,148.61 for the University; I conducted some market research, developed a small strategic marketing plan and assisted with a few consultancy sessions.
  • Panel member 2014: SEED (Supporting Entrepreneurs, Explore & Develop) competition.
  • Was part of the team to organise the PHD-Conference in Hull 2013.

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