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Dr Malek El Diri
Senior Lecturer



Malek El Diri is a Senior Lecturer in the Accounting and Finance Group, School for Business and Society, The University of York. He contributes to the administration and management of the department and to the wider academic community general life and work of the University. He also investigates innovative teaching, learning and assessment methods and techniques in the sector, and disseminates excellent teaching practices.

Before that, Malek worked as a Lecturer in The Accounting and Finance Department of Leeds University Business School where he also did his PhD in the area of financial reporting. He also was the Student Education Development Lead (Curriculum Redefined Project) and contributed to the pedagogic research output in Leeds University Business School.

Malek also has industry experience as he worked as an auditor for Ernst and Young where he was in charge of auditing and member of audit teams of different projects in the financial, insurance, manufacturing, trade, and hospitality sectors.

Malek is a Certified Management and Business Educator (CMBE) supported by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) and holds the International Teachers Programme (ITP) Certificate.

He is currently the external examiner for Imperial College Business School for the Business for Professionals of Engineering and Science (BPES) Programme and BSc Joint Honours and Intercalated BSc in the Business School. He is also the external examiner for the University of Gloucestershire for the BA Accounting and Finance Programme, BA Accounting and Business Management Programme, and BA Accounting and Financial Management Programme.



Malek is actively engaged in both pedagogic research and accounting research. His research in student education focuses on flipped learning, assessment, feedback, using rewards in teaching, teachers’ training, and AI in student education. His pedagogic research output has been disseminated in different publications such as book chapters, Blogs, academic reports, open crowdsourced collections, pedagogic research groups, etc. He also presented his work in different conferences in student education such as the Learning, Teaching, Student Experience (LTSE) Conference, British Accounting and Finance Association Conference (BAFA), Leeds Student Education Conference, and The Annual Learning and Teaching Conference at the University of York.

Malek is also interested in accounting research. He has publications and running research projects in the areas of earnings management, blockchain, management compensation, managerial ability, corporate governance, bank failure, related party transactions and institutional investors. His research has been published in leading journals in the filed such as the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, and the Economics Letters. He also has a published book titled ‘Introduction to Earnings Management’ that has been widely adopted by academics and researchers in the field of financial reporting. His work has also been disseminated in different international and national conferences like the American Accounting Association Congress, the European Accounting Association Congress, the British Academy of Management Conference, the International Symposium in Finance, the FMA European Conference, the Canadian Fintech Conference, and the International Conference on Economics and FinTech.



Advanced Financial Reporting
Company Law
Introduction to Financial Accounting – for specialists
Introductory Financial Accounting – for non-specialists
Principles of Auditing
Accounting for Managers
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Intermediate Management Accounting
Auditing and Assurance Services


Research Methods
Advanced Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Accounting and Finance Dissertation

Other teaching

Online teaching

Finance for Business


Malek has lead and participated in teaching modules in financial accounting, management accounting and auditing​​​​​​ for both specialists and non-specialists, and at the UG and PG levels.

He received several major honours and academic distinctions for his teaching delivery such as the best personal tutor/supervisor award, the significant contribution and on-going commitment award, and the best seminar leader award.


Full publications list

Pedagogic research output:

El Diri M. 2023. Report ‘Recommendations for best practice in assessment and feedback’ as part of the Curriculum Redefined project in Leeds University Business School.

El Diri M. 2023. SEDA Blog ‘AI in accounting education from employers’ perspective’.

El Diri M. and others 2023. Working paper ‘Why do lecturers need training? A collective reflection from a cohort of international business school academics’.

El Diri M. and Marques G. 2023. Working paper ‘Did the Covid-19 pandemic mark a turning point in flipped learning in management studies?’

El Diri M. and Marques G. 2023. Working paper ‘Can partial flipped learning offer a more effective teaching approach compared to both traditional learning and fully flipped learning?’

El Diri M. 2023. Conference proceedings ‘Using small rewards as an incentive for participating in formative assessment in an UG accounting module’ - presented in Learning, Teaching, Student Experience (LTSE) 2023.

El Diri M. 2023. Open crowdsourced collection ‘101 Creative Ideas to Use AI in Education’.

El Diri M. and others 2023. Presentation on staff-student collaboration ‘Career Catalysts’ – presented in The Annual Learning and Teaching Conference at the University of York 2023.

El Diri M. 2023. Case study presentation ‘Reward-Based Competition to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience in a First Year University Module’ – presented in Learning, Teaching, Student Experience (LTSE) 2023.

El Diri M. 2023. Emerging paper presentation ‘Traditional or Flipped Learning in First Year Undergraduate Accounting Education? Finding the Right Fit’ –presented in BAFA 2023.

El Diri M. Forthcoming. Book chapter ‘What is Flipped Classroom Approach: Theoretical and Pedagogical Background’ – Edward Elgar Publishing.

El Diri M. Forthcoming. Book chapter ‘A Case In Accounting Course: Flipped Classroom Approach’ – Edward Elgar Publishing.

El Diri M. 2023. Poster presentation ‘Overcoming the requirements of professional bodies by using a flipped classroom’ – presented in The Student Education Conference hosted by the University of Leeds.

Accounting research output:

Harakeh M., El Diri M., Lambrinoudakis C., and Tsileponis N. 2024. The impact of blockchain adoption on corporate investment efficiencyEconomics Letters, Volume 236, 2024

Alhadab M. and El Diri M. 2023. Related party transactions and earnings management under the UK different regulatory environments of the Main and Alternative Investment Markets. Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (forthcoming).

El Diri M, King T, Spokeviciute L, Williams J. 2021. Hands in the cookie jar: Exploiting loan loss provisions under bank financial distress. Economics Letters. Volume 209, 2021.

El Diri M, Lambrinoudakis K, Alhadab M. 2020. Corporate governance and earnings management in concentrated markets. Journal of Business Research. 108, pp. 291-306.

El Diri M. 2017. Introduction to Earnings Management. Springer.

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