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Dr Victor Perez Moraga
Postdoctoral Career Development Fellow



Dr Victor Perez Moraga is a postdoctoral researcher specialising in critical leadership studies and posthuman theories. He completed his doctoral studies in management at the School for Business and Society, University of York. His research focused on understanding leadership and play in creative micro-business firms delving into the more-than-human and relational dimensions of leadership critically examining and questioning the anthropocentric and heroic assumptions that permeate mainstream research. Through his research and teaching activities, Dr Perez Moraga empowers students and business practitioners to challenge deeply ingrained assumptions within the leadership rhetoric, cultivating their critical thinking abilities and fostering a comprehensive understanding of what means to "lead" in contemporary organisations.



Dr Perez Moraga is interested in unravelling the complexities of leadership by interrogating what means to be a human in a world populated by nonhuman materialities. He is studying the interplay of leadership and materiality aiming to provide valuable insights and practical recommendations for fostering inclusive and alternative leadership practices. He is currently expanding his research agenda working on multiple projects that aim to better understand how organisations are led by flows of human-nonhuman relations as well as on alternatives approaches to direct and manage organisations.


Other teaching

Dr Perez Moraga has teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of York, including the School for Business and Society, the School of Arts and Creative Technologies, and the Department of Environment and Geography. In his teaching practice, he employs innovative and engaging approaches, such as art-based and creative methods like role-playing, participatory drawing, and Lego Serious Play, alongside audio-visual content and online technologies. Central to his teaching philosophy is the concept of "classroom silence" employing verbal and non-verbal techniques to foster students’ engagement and participation. As a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator, he has been actively involved in designing, conducting, and leading workshops at the university encouraging critical discussion amongst students, as well as practitioners and lecturers from multiple nationalities, working alongside Global Opportunities and the Learning Enhancement Team.

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