Accessibility statement

Dr. Jacqueline You
Assistant Professor in International Business, Entrepreneurship & Strategy DPhil., FHEA., MLitt (Dist)., PGDip., PGCert., BBA (Hons)



Areas of expertise

  • The Philosophy of Resilience
  • Organisational Resilience and Disruption
  • Global Value Chains/Supply Chains (DRC: Digitalisation, Resilience and Circularity)
  • Inter-organisational Relationships (cross-sectoral partnerships and strategic alliance)
  • Ecological Modelling

Academic biography

Dr. Jacqueline You is an Assistant Professor at the University of York, specialising in Resilience, Innovation, Strategy, and Ecosystems (RISE). Her work, honoured with the Global Talent awarded by the British Academy, spans two decades of strategic influence across global supply chains, consultancies, and academia before her academic appointment in York in 2022. Her extensive international experience, which includes China, the US, Canada, France, the UK, and Africa, has significantly contributed to organisational resilience and disruption management.

A recipient of a PhD in Management from Durham University and a scholarship from the Global Citizenship Programme, Ustinov College, her interdisciplinary research concerning organisational resilience and disruption focuses on the antecedents and mechanisms that contribute to resilience-building in organisations and societies for sustainable and inclusive development. As a practical and applied theorist researcher, she primarily employs the Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping approach to discover and theorise the hidden causal relationships that activate or deplete resilience in disruptive contexts and then, translate these testable ideas into language that is accessible to scholars, practitioners and policymakers alike. Her recent PhD thesis entitled ‘Exploring Organizational Resilience from an Inter-organizational Perspective: Relational Resilience based on Business Ecosystems in China’ has received research awards from both the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UKRI and Durham University, thus leading to the project on ‘Towards a Theory of Resilient Ecosystems: A System Approach to Organisational Resilience’ (ES/W005611/1). She also holds degrees from the University of St Andrews and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

University roles

Assistant Professor in International Business, Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Co-Lead for Undergraduate Admissions in Management



•    Co-Investigator: Integrating finance and biodiversity for a nature-positive future: Phase 2, NERC, UKRI
•    Co-Investigator: Nature-positive investment opportunities through solar parks: Phase I, NERC, UKRI
•    Investigator: Tracking success for the Good Business Charter (GBC), UOY and SBS
•    Corporate Philanthropy
•    Cross-sectoral Partnerships
•    Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
•    Temporary Organisations
•    SunTze’s the Art of War
•    Adversity in Space and Time
•    Transformative Value Creation: A Stakeholder Perspective


Jacqueline is always looking for enthusiastic and professionally curious PhD students in the following areas:

  • Organisational Resilience for Sustainable Development
  • Organisational Disruption and Innovation
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Cross-sectoral Partnerships
  • Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
  • Collective Health and Wellbeing


Selected publications

Williams, C., You, J. J. and Spielmann, N. (2024), ‘The effect of breadth of external pressure on leaders in small and medium-sized enterprises: does the firm become more entrepreneurial?’, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research

You, J. J., and Williams, C. (2023). Organizational Resilience and Inter-Organizational Relationships: An Exploration of Chinese Business-Service Firms. European Management Review, 1-19. 

You, J. J. (2023). ‘An Overview of Organizational Resilience in Research and Strategy: Implications for the Future of Work’.  AIB Insights.

Nakpodia, F., Ashiru, F., You, J. J. and Oni, O. (2023). ‘Digital technologies, social entrepreneurship and resilience during crisis in developing countries: evidence from Nigeria’. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research.

You, J. J. (2022). ‘Designing and Implementing Ecological Models in Organisation Studies: Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Approach (FCM)’. In: Vu, M.C., Singh, N., Burton, N., Chu, I. (eds) Faith Traditions and Practices in the Workplace Volume II. Palgrave Studies in Workplace Spirituality and Fulfillment. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 159-178.

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Williams C. and You, J. J. (2018). ‘Building resilience in client organisations: the consultant’s challenge’, Management Consulting Journal, 2, pp. 10-12



  • Leading and Managing Organisational Change (MBA)
  • Global Business Strategy (PG)

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University of York
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T: (0)1904 32 3686
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