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Assistant Professor Dimitrios Stafylas
Assistant Professor of Finance



I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at the School for Business and Society. Prior to this, I was a Lecturer in Finance at Aston Business School. In the past, I was Associate Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher at the University of York where I completed the York Learning and Teaching Award Programme. I have an MBA and an MSc degree in net-centric information systems. Also, I have worked for several years in the industry in many consulting and management positions. My Thesis investigated hedge fund performance attribution at various market conditions and issues in hedge fund index engineering. I have been awarded with PGCert in Learning & Teaching, and I am also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Membership and Professional Bodies:
Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy, Member of Accounting and Finance Association, Member of British Academy of Management, Member of Royal Economic Society.

Admin Roles:
UGTC A&F Representative
PhD Progression Committee – Panel Member
Griff Fund – Deputy Chairman

Past Admin Roles:
MSc in Finance, Programme Director
Member of Ethics Committee
Group Enterprise Convenor
Apprenticeship Mentoring



My current research interests lie the area of empirical finance. More specific, my interests include hedge funds, mutual funds, stock market behaviour and issues in corporate finance.

PhD supervision:
Currently co-supervising five PhD students. I am interested in PhD supervision - please email me if you have a project proposal that fits with my research interests.






Selected publications

Mariani, M., Platanakis, E., Stafylas, D., and Sutcliffe, C. (2023). Identifying a destinations’s optimal tourist market mix: Does a superior portfolio model exist?, Tourism Management, 96(1), 104722.

Stafylas, D., Andrikopoulos A., and Tolikas, K. (2023). Hedge fund performance persistence under different business cycles and market regimes, North American Journal of Finance and Economics, 64(1), 101866.

Huang, X, Han, W., Newton, D., Platanakis, E., Stafylas, D., and Sutcliffe, C. (2022). The diversification benefits of cryptocurrency asset categories and estimation risk: Pre and post covid-19, The European Journal of Finance, 1-99. 

Newton, D.P., Platanakis, E., Stafylas, D., Sutcliffe, C., & Ye, X. (2021). Fund strategies, performance and diversification: A stochastic discount factor and portfolio theory approach, British Accounting Review, 53(5), 101000.

Yu, L., Zha, R., Stafylas, D., He, K., & Liu, J. (2020). Dependencies and volatility spillovers between the oil and stock markets: New evidence from the copula and VAR-BEKK-GARCH models, International Review of Financial Analysis, 68, 101280.

Stafylas, D. & Andrikopoulos, A. (2020). Determinants of hedge fund performance during ‘good’ and ‘bad’ economic periods, Research in International Business & Finance, 52, 101130.

Liu, J., Stafylas, D., Wu, J., Muganhu, C. (2019). Corporate Governance and Business Growth - Evidence from China -in Enhancing Board Effectiveness: Institutional, Regulatory and Financial Perspectives for Developing and Emerging Markets, Routledge Studies in Corporate Finance (Ngwu, F., Osuji, O.K.).

Stafylas, D. & Mari, K. (2018). A conceptual alternative forecasting model for alternative investments, Journal of Prediction Markets, 12, 1-25.

Lucey, B et al. (2018). Future directions in international financial integration research – a crowdsourced perspective, International Review of Financial Analysis, 55, 35-49.

Stafylas, D., Anderson, K., & Uddin, M. (2018). Hedge fund performance attribution under various market conditions, International Review of Financial Analysis, 56, 221-237.

Stafylas, D., Anderson, K., & Uddin, M. (2017). Hedge fund index-engineering methodologies: a comparison and demonstration, Applied Economics, 50, 596-612.

Stafylas, D., Anderson, K., & Uddin, M. (2017). Recent advances in explaining hedge fund returns: implicit factors and exposures, Global Finance Journal, 33, 69-87.

Stafylas, D., Anderson, K., & Uddin, M. (2016). Recent advances in hedge funds’ performance attribution: performance persistence and fundamental factors, International Review of Financial Analysis, 43, 48-61.

Conferences – Presentations:

Cardiff University, U.K., EFMA Conference, 06/2023
University of Sheffield, U.K., BAFA Conference (online), 04/2023
University of York, U.K, CEGBI/CSWL Conference, 09/2022
University of Plymouth, U.K., Guest speaker-research seminar 06/2022
University of York, U.K., SMIFUK22, Conference, 03/2022
University of Warsaw, Poland, EBES Conference (online), 01/2022
The American College of Greece, Athens, FEBS, International Conference, 12/2021
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus, FMA Conference (online), 06/2021
University of Malta, Malta, World Finance Conference (online), 09/2020
Aston University, U.K., Research Seminar Series, 12/2019
University of Economics, Czech Republic, FEBS, International Conference, 06/2019
University of Birmingham, U.K., BAFA Conference, 04/2019
Multinational Finance Society, Hungary, International Conference, 06/2018
University of Rome, Italy, FEBS, International Conference, 06/2018
Aston University, U.K., Research Seminar Series, 04/2018
Bath University, U.K, Guest lecturing-hedging techniques, 04/2018
University of Hull, U.K, Guest speaker-alternative investments, 12/2017
Universitat de València, Spain, INFINITI International Conference, 06/2017
Herriot Watt University, U.K, BAFA Conference, 04/2017
University of Leeds, U.K, White Rose DTC Conference, 07/2016
University of Sussex, U.K, 3rd Young Scholars' Conference, 06/2016
University of Hull, U.K, BAFA Conference, 09/2015
University of York, U.K, CEGBI/CSWL Conference, 07/2015
University of York, U.K, White Rose DTC Conference, 07/2014
University of York, U.K, CEGBI/CSWL Conference, 07/2014
London School of Economics, U.K, BAFA Conference, 04/2014
University of Sheffield, U.K, White Rose DTC Conference, 08/2013
University of York, U.K, CEGBI/CSWL Conference, 06/2013

Academic Activities:

I am working in several papers related to portfolio analysis and performance evaluation. I have been working as ad-hoc referee for conferences and journals (e.g. Journal of Financial Econometrics, International Journal of Finance and Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, International Review of Economics & Finance, Research in International Business and Finance, Journal of Time Series Econometrics, Empirical Economics, Economic Modelling, Cogent Economics and Finance, White-Rose DTC-Paper Series) – chairing and discussant for various conference sessions. Furthermore, I have acted as a competition judge for finance projects.

I have been working in various MSc dissertation supervisions, personal & placement tutoring; also, I participate to the University of York mentoring/coaching scheme; I have been appointed as a PhD examiner; finally, I have a role as an external ethics reviewer (University of Sheffield).



Corporate Finance
Critical Perspectives in Accounting and Finance


Principles of Asset Pricing
Behavioural Finance

Previous Teaching:
Quantitative Methods (PG level)
Finance Strategy and Governance (PG level)
Investment Management (PG level)
Investment Banking (PG level)
International Finance (PG level)
Financial Management (PG level)

Dr Dimitrios Stafylas

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