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Friday Update Number Seventeen

Posted on 24 July 2020

This week we have a new blog from our outgoing Archives Trainee and an update on our phased return to service.

In last week’s update we mentioned that we had said goodbye to our Archives Graduate Trainee John, who had brought us many entertaining Twitter and Facebook posts and some fascinating blogs in his time with us.  John has contributed one final blog summing up his year at the Borthwick which ranged from social media to the searchroom, and from Latin to LibInspo, proof of just how varied working in an archive can be!  

Meanwhile we are continuing to transition back to working onsite.  The work of the searchroom team, who deal with all enquiries, reprographics, and research and transcription services, has of course continued remotely since March.  Since closure they have answered 1,143 enquiries and received an additional 616 requests for copies of archival documents.  Now a small number of staff are back onsite we can begin to fulfil these hundreds of copy requests. Already we’ve been able to send out 38 completed orders, with another 13 undergoing necessary work in our Conservation Studio before they can be safely photographed.  One of the wills we have copied has already revealed the signature of Mariana Percy Lawton, born Mariana Belcombe, the daughter of Dr Belcombe, one time physician at The Retreat, and today known for her long relationship with Anne Lister of Shibden Hall.  



Who knows what the remainder of the 615 copy orders might uncover!