Borthwick joins the AtoM Foundation

Posted on 19 September 2018

We have joined an international initiative to support the future development of Access to Memory

The Borthwick catalogue uses a system called Access to Memory (or AtoM) to record and make available information about the archives that we hold. AtoM is an open source project which has been developed in Canada and is freely available for us to use. 

This year, a new international initiative has been established to oversee and support the development, sustainability and adoption of AtoM going forward, and the Borthwick Institute for Archives has become a founding institutional member.

As well as demonstrating our commitment to AtoM, this will also allow us to help to shape future versions of the software to ensure that it continues to meet our needs.

We would encourage other AtoM users in the UK and beyond to consider joining the AtoM Foundation and supporting the work to create AtoM 3.

Further information is available on the AtoM Foundation website.