Visiting the Borthwick - new access arrangements

Posted on 24 November 2015

We're changing how you get into the Library buildings.

From 9am on 24 December, the Library turnstiles will be switched permanently to card operation. This means that when you visit the Borthwick, you won’t be able to walk straight through the turnstiles as you can at the moment. Instead, staff at the main Library Reception will issue you with a ticket that will let you through the turnstiles and into the Library buildings - you can then make your way up to the Borthwick as usual. This ticket is valid for the day, so you can use it to get back in if you visit the cafe or leave the Library buildings for a break.

We're doing this so that we know more about the people who use the Library - whether they're staff, students, or visitors. This will help us to better target our resources and help improve the services we offer in the future. We won't keep any entrance data that identifies individuals, and you will still sign in to use Borthwick resources as normal.