‌The Pity of War

Conflict and remembrance in the Special Collections at the University of York

Front page of the Evening Standard 11 November 1918, announcing the end of the First World War.

Line drawing 'La Belgique 1914' by Bernard Partridge

The latest exhibition from Special Collections looks at conflict and remembrance through material found in the holdings at York.

War affects everyone in some way whether as a front line soldier, an artist or poet moved to create works inspired by war, or people who feel their conscience will not allow them to fight and kill their fellow men.

Pen and ink drawing of a poppy

The four cases in the Harry Fairhurst corridor focus on war in Yorkshire; art; the First World War; and finally the theme of remembrance.

Highlights include an embroidered silk hanky, copies of the Tribunal, a newspaper produced by the No Conscription Fellowship, and a book of Rupert Brooke’s poetry with an inscription that ties it directly to the poet.

The final case will hopefully make us think about what Wilfred Owen describes as 'the pity of war'.

The exhibition will be in place from the 7 May until 28 August.