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Samuel Haddad-Bacry
Lecturer in Management & the Creative Industries



Samuel Haddad-Bacry spent a couple of years working in the classical music industry within the Universal Music Group and at Canal+ in France. He then pursued a career in academia, specialising in Marketing and Sociology applied to the consumption of cultural goods - how people engage with culture. He’s been a regular visiting lecturer in Marketing for the Creative Industries at IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School since 2018. He also taught at Université d’Angers from 2020 to 2022.

Samuel’s focal research question is ‘What makes people consume cultural goods?’. He is always keen to discuss it with the students and approaches it through a broad lens, blending insights from Sociology, Marketing, Philosophy and Psychology into the conversation.




Samuel completed his PhD in Marketing at IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School on ‘The supply and choice of cultural consumption : from products’ categorisation to their accessibility’. His works explores the determining factors of cultural consumption, how consumers apprehend the cultural abundance, and the accessibility of cultural goods, with a focus on classical music concerts. He is a member of the Brands & Values Chair at IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School.

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