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Dr Richard Carter



Dr Carter's interests include Digital Art and Culture (historic and contemporary digital arts practices, sensing, environmental impacts, science and technology studies, media archaeology, gaming cultures); Digital Literature and Interactive Storytelling (digital writing and storytelling practices, virtual environments, gaming and simulation). Digital Creativity and Design (generative algorithms, creative coding, web design, speculative and imaginary media).



Dr Richard A Carter is an academic and multidisciplinary digital artist whose work addresses questions concerning the current state and future implications of digital activities, objects, and environments. Carter is interested particularly in the role of digital art and literature in shaping the future of storytelling, and how they can also provide insights into more-than-human modes of perception, knowledge, and agency, as these manifest in different spaces and contexts. Carter’s research is embedded within his artistic practice, meditating on the nature and potentials of sensing, knowing, and writing at the intersection between human and digital actors. Carter’s art engages subsequently a wide range of technologies, formats, and modes—including drones and satellites, machine vision, generative algorithms, poetic text, and navigable virtual worlds.

Carter’s artistic work has been published with numerous presses that are interested in contemporary and experimental writing practices, including Guillemot Press, Paperview Books, Poetrishy, and various online and printed anthologies. Further information about Carter’s practice and research can be found at his website.


Selected publications

Carter, R. (2022) “Executable Landscapes: Speculative Platforms and Environmental E-Literature”. Electronic Book Review. DOI:

Ng, J., and Carter, R. (2022) “Wayfaring in Space: Story as Environmental Encounters in Ruins (2011) and Sacramento (2016)”. New Techno-Humanities. DOI:

Carter, R. (2022) “The Aftermath Atlas”. After Progress. Curated by Martin Savransky and Craig Lundy. Available at:

Carter, R. (2021) “Orbital Reveries: Satellite Textscapes and Reframing the Multispectral Gaze”. The Digital Review 1. DOI:

Carter, R. (2020) “Signal Generators: Digital Text in a Damaged Ecology”. The Future of Text, ed. Hegland, F. Future Text Publishing: Southampton. DOI:

Carter, R. (2020) “Waveform”. IJCMR Digital Ecologies: Fiction Machines. DOI:

Carter, R. (2020) “Waves to Waveforms”. The Machine as Artist/The Machine as Art. Eds. Leymarie, F, Bessette, J, and Smith, G.W. MDPI: Bern. DOI:

Carter, R. (2020) “Electronic Literature and the Anthropocene”. Electronic Book Review. DOI:

Carter, R. (2019) “Tweeting the Cosmos: On the Bot Poetry of The Ephemerides.” Convergence. DOI:

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