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Tianyi (Choco) Tang

PhD by Creative Practice


How does a viewer’s emotional experience of brand films affect their reactions to the brand?

In the special field of the relationship between behaviour and practice, brand film, as a form of practice that internally drives consumer behaviour, is the audio-visual medium and communication link between the brand and the audience. Today, material marketing has been replaced by emotional marketing, and emotions are creating decision-making power. When the audience communicates emotionally with brand films, this interaction is helping us perceive our perceptual world and explore the essence of behavioural consciousness, and become a portrayal of our perception of people’s thinking system. I hope to use the audio-visual language of brand films to construct emotional experience and to investigate the deeper impulses that it triggers in viewers' behaviour.

This project will provide a new perspective to study brand films, emphasising emotional experience and the sense of empathy, applying the audience's ideology, mental activity, and emotional framework to the practice, making it an implicit bridge that becomes the basis of a dialogue between me and the audience.

This research is an interdisciplinary subject that encompasses media and communication studies, advertising, and film studies. In addition, it covers the practice and exploration of multiple fields such as video production and psychology.



Since coming to the UK 7 years ago, I have always been studying film, television and media. My work experience includes managing new media accounts, writing articles for digital media, working on mini-films and variety shows, shooting for London Fashion Week and so on.

After graduating from the University of the Arts London in MA Media, Communication and Critical Practice, my continued keen interest in brand film led me to start a PhD journey. From my personal experience, emotion is what I feel most after every time I watch a film and it provides me with an ongoing experience.

I love photography, editing, music, PC games, and exploring various communication and marketing strategies. I am working on being a vlogger and I would love to be friends with people in the same or different fields.


Research interests

My research interests include branded content, digital media, we media, marketing strategy, emotional experience of audiovisual content, digitisation of paper media, storytelling of PC games, vlogging, interactive experience.

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Tianyi (Choco) Tang
Postdoctoral Researcher
School of Arts and Creative Technologies
University of York