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Dr Marta Herrero
Subject Head of Creative Industries Management and Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries Management



I hold a PhD in Sociology from Trinity College, Dublin, tracing the development of public modern art collections in Ireland from the early 20th century to the present day and an MA in Women’s Studies from Lancaster University.  Before joining the University of York in June 2021, I held posts at the University of Sheffield Management School, the University of Plymouth, and the Institute of International Integration Studies at Trinity College, Dublin where I undertook an Irish Research Council funded postdoctoral research project on the auctioneers’ art market in London and Dublin.



My main research and teaching interests lie in the study of financial models in the creative and cultural industries, especially through fundraising, philanthropic giving, sponsorship, and collaborations between non-profit and for-profit organisations.

I am currently involved in several research projects, including the adoption of Responsible AI in non-profit fundraising and philanthropy, and the use of digital interactive storytelling by non-profits. 

I am also researching the history of arts fundraising and philanthropy in London’s art market from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century.







Marta Herrero (PI)

Internal Development Fund, University of York

Fundraising for the Nation. Art, Philanthropy and Exhibition's in London's Art Market, 1850-1914



British Academy Conferences

Richard McClary (PI)

Marta Herrero (Co-I)

Art and the Market: Examining the Intersections between Philanthropy, Commerce and the Law



University of York Management School

Carolyn Hunter (PI)

Marta Herrero (Co-I)

Barriers to Integration and Adaptability of PRC (People's Republic of China) students: A Case Study of Creative Industries Management Postgraduate Education at the University of York



Digital Creativity Labs

University of York (PI)

John Hook (Co-I)

Fundraising with Immersive Storytelling: Incentivising charitable giving and promoting engagement (a collaboration with the Council for British Archaeology)



XR Stories MRes Scholarship in Interactive Media

John Hook (Co-I)

Your Heritage, Your Story: Fundraising e-stories of everyday heritage; increasing membership and widening audience participation (a collaboration with the Council for British Archaeology)



Paul Mellon Centre, Research Support Grant

Women artists and female philanthropy, 1810-1900



Economic and Social Research Council.

Festival of Social Science

The Strategic Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy to Sheffield’s Art Sector



Worldwide Universities Network

Research Mobility Program

University of Alberta, Business School

Philanthropy and Governance in Non-profit Arts Organisations:

A Comparative Study UK/Canada



British Academy

Dr Marta Herrero (PI)

Dr Ling Tang (University of Hong Kong)


Globalisation and the Market for Chinese Art: Assessing the Role of Art Businesses’ Organisational Cultures in London and Hong Kong



British Academy

Dr Marta Herrero (PI)

Globalisation and the Auctioneers’ Art Market: A Comparative Study in London, Edinburgh and Madrid



Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Marta Herrero (PI)

Globalisation in Dublin’s Art World



Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Marta Herrero (PI)

Intellectual Practices in the Era of Globalisation: The Case of Art Auctioneers



Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Marta Herrero (PhD)

Towards a Sociology of Art Collections: The Making of a Modern Art Collection for the Irish Museum of Modern Art



University of Dublin, Ussher International Fellowship Award

Dr Marta Herrero (PhD)

Towards a Sociology of Art Collections: The Making of a Modern Art Collection for the Irish Museum of Modern Art



Selected publications


Herrero, M. and Inglis, D. (eds.) 2009. Art and Aesthetics: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences. 4 volumes. London: Routledge

2007. Irish Intellectuals and Aesthetics: The Making of a Modern Art Collection. Dublin and Portland, Oregon: Irish Academic Press

Peer reviewed articles/reports

Forthcoming. Herrero, M. and Gerson, G. 2023. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the Emergence of a New Category in Sotheby’s and Christie’s Global Auction Market in Robertson I, Chong, D. & Alfonso, L. (eds), The Global Art Market. Routledge.

2023. A Sociology of Art, Protest and Emotions: Disrupting the Institutionalisation of Corporate Sponsorship at Tate Galleries in Rodriguez Morato, A. and Santana Acuna, A. (eds), Sociology of Arts in Action: New Bearings in Art Creation, production, and Reception, London: Palgrave.

Jones, I. Wong, N., Herrero, M. & Smith, A. 2022. Bourdieusian Capital Conversion in Crises of Legitimacy: An Examination of the Emergent Strategies of Barclays Bank in Sponsoring the Arts in the UK, 1972-1987, Business History. 

Herrero, M. and Kraemer, S. 2022. Organisational Resilience Capabilities in Nonprofit Arts and Culture Fundraising during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Herrero, M. 2022. Chartered Institute of Fundraising UK. Dealing with the Crisis. Creativity and Resilience of Arts and Cultural Fundraisers during Covid-19. Cultural Sector Network.

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2020. Undoing the Market: Corporate Sponsorship and Activist Protests at Tate Gallery, Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, 16(1)

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2002. ‘Towards a Sociology of Art Collections: Modernity, Intellectuals and Art Collections’, International Sociology, 17(1): 57-72

For a full list of publications see my entry on the York Research Database.

External activities


I am lead researcher in a collaboration with the Culture Sector Network of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising working alongside colleagues at the University of Kent and University of Sheffield. This 2-year project examines the impact of Covid-19 on fundraisers working in the arts and culture sectors in the UK.

From 2017-2022 I was external examiner at the University of Leeds, School of Performance and Creative Industries, PGCert Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy.

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Dr Marta Herrero
School of Arts and Creative Technologies
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Tel: +44 (0)1904 32 5224