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Dr Jon Swords
Senior Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries



I am a senior research fellow working on the XR Stories creative industries cluster partnership and lead for research on the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN). I am an economic geographer with research interests including the geographies of the creative industries and visual methodologies. Before joining the University of York in July 2019, I spent ten years working at Northumbria University.

As part of XR Stories I am undertaking research to understand the dynamics of Yorkshire and the Humber’s creative industries and to inform the development of the screen and immersive sectors. This work builds on research I have undertaken over the past 15 years into the role of the creative economy in local and regional development. I am also examining the role of intermediaries in R&D processes.

My work on SIGN includes leading the research work strand as well as undertaking research examining the geographies and working practices of the screen industries. Current projects include tracking working patterns in the TV sector to understand the nature and impact of overworking and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the precarity of freelancers in TV.

Before joining the University of York, I undertook interdisciplinary work with colleagues at Northumbria University funded by the AHRC and EPSRC, to examine how heritage could be recontextualised into urban spaces using immersive technologies. We investigated the barriers heritage organisations face in producing historical narratives that reach beyond museums, galleries and archives to diverse audiences.

Alongside my work on the creative industries, I theorize how innovative visual methodologies help us understand how young people experience the city. With colleagues I have worked with skateboarders, youth organisations and schools in the development and implementation of participatory mapping projects. The visual nature of this work has led to the co-curation of a series of exhibitions and artworks to illustrate our research findings.



From 2021 I will be teaching on the BA (Hons) Business of the Creative Industries.


Selected publications

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Dr Jon Swords
Senior Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries
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