Guidance for redeployment candidates

This procedure is designed to assist staff 'at risk' of redundancy to secure suitable alternative employment within the University. The procedure also applies to individuals who are no longer able to continue in their current role by reason of disability and/or other medical reason and to cases of organisational restructuring where the individual’s job no longer exists in its current format.

The procedure does not apply to voluntary requests for redeployment for other reasons. Staff seeking redeployment in other circumstances should discuss their position with their Head of Department.

Redeployment opportunities will not be available to staff appointed to cover maternity or other absence (a redundancy situation does not arise when individuals have been appointed to provide cover in these circumstances) or to staff appointed to the University for a period of less than 12 months. Due to immigration regulations, opportunities for redeployment for staff without an ongoing right to work in the UK may also be restricted.

Staff seeking redeployment should register to receive the redeployment e-bulletin by sending a request to the dedicated redeployment email address Staff will not normally be eligible to register to receive the redeployment bulletin until they have been advised that they are ‘at risk’ of redundancy as part of the formal redundancy consultation arrangements. In cases of ill-health or organisational restructuring, they should contact their HR Adviser in the first instance.

Once registered you will receive regular bulletins by email advising you of any new vacancies. The email will contain brief details of each opportunity along with a link to access the further particulars for the post. Alternatively you can review any new opportunities by visiting an online list of redeployment opportunities, through which you will also be able to access full details.

Please note that the redeployment e-bulletin can only be sent to the email address provided by IT Services. If you are not registered for network facilities with IT Services, you should take some identification to the Information Desk in the Harry Fairhurst building in order to collect a pre-assigned username. Your account will then be ready for use within 24 hours. Staff who do not regularly use their IT Services email address can redirect messages to an email account of their choice through IT Services' website at

While staff subject to redeployment will be considered for vacancies before other internal or external applicants, vacancies will be advertised to re-deployment candidates and others at the same time.

If you are interested in being considered for a position you will therefore need to advise the HR department of your interest within 5 days of receipt of the relevant e-bulletin by emailing You should also forward any documentation in support of your application e.g. application form or CV via email to Please ensure that your application is clearly marked Redeployment. In preparing your application, you should not assume any prior knowledge on behalf of the recruiting manager and should therefore ensure that all relevant information is included. It would also be helpful to include a covering note indicating how you believe you meet the person specification for the post.

An HR Adviser will check your eligibility for the vacancy in line with the University's policy on Redeployment and will liaise with the recruiting department. Please note that the University will not support requests for redeployment to higher graded posts and you will be required to submit an application for a higher graded post in the normal way. If you wish to be considered for posts at a lower grade, you should be aware that you will not be eligible for pay protection.

The recruiting manager will assess your application against the essential criteria for the post. If you meet the essential criteria, you will be invited for interview. In order to avoid any undue delay in the recruitment process, it is anticipated that this interview will take place in the week following application. You should therefore be prepared to attend for interview at short notice and should be aware that the University will not delay consideration of other internal of external applicants for an extended period.

If more than one individual subject to redeployment expresses an interest in the same vacancy, a competitive selection process will be undertaken.

If you are not deemed suitable for the role, feedback will be provided, on request, by the recruiting manager.

If you have any queries regarding the redeployment procedure please contact your HR Manager. Further details are in the University's policy on Redeployment.

Eligibility for redeployment will cease on the expiry of a fixed-term contract or the expiry of notice issued in relation to redundancy or ill-health and your details will be removed from the redeployment register at this point. You are therefore advised to put yourself forward for any suitable vacancies prior to expiry of your notice period.