Individual Adjustment Plan

An 'Individual Adjustment Plan' is a living record of adjustments agreed between a member of staff with a disability or a long term health condition and their line manager. This could be a change to a work process, practice, procedure or environment that enables the member of staff to perform their job by providing additional support or working in a different way.

The purpose of this Plan is to:

  • Provide members of staff and their line managers with a structure for discussions about workplace adjustments
  • Ensure that the member of staff, line manager and HR have a record of what has been agreed
  • Minimise the need to renegotiate adjustments each time the member of staff changes jobs or job roles, is relocated or is working with a new line manager.

Plan reviews

This plan is a live document and should be reviewed regularly by both the member of staff and line manager and amended as appropriate. Remember, expert advice from third parties, such as Occupational Health, Access to Work, Health & Safety or IT specialists may be needed before changes can be agreed and implemented.

It is suggested that an initial review of reasonable adjustments takes place 6 months after they have been put in place to check they have been useful to the member of staff. At this stage the reasonable adjustments can be changed.

Line Managers who need help in deciding whether an adjustment is reasonable seek advice from their HR Adviser or the Equality & Diversity Team.

For staff

The plan gives the member of staff the opportunity to:

  • Explain the impact of their disability or long term health condition on their work.
  • Suggest adjustments that will make it easier for them to do their job.
  • Offer further information from their doctor, specialist or other expert.
  • Request an assessment by Occupational Health, Access to Work or another expert.
  • Review the effectiveness of the adjustments agreed.
  • Explain any change in their circumstances.
  • Be reassured by their line manager that they know what to do if they become unwell at work and who to contact if necessary.
  • Know how and when their line manager will keep in touch with them if they are absent from work because of a health condition or a disability-related reason

For line managers

The plan allows the line manager to:

  • Understand how their member of staff's disability or long term health condition affects them at work.
  • Explain the needs of the organisation (business, wider team and customers/students).
  • Recognise signs that a member of staff might be unwell and to know what they want the manager to do in these circumstances including who to contact for help.
  • Explain the University's Managing Absence Policy and disability related absence.
  • Know how and when to stay in touch if the member of staff is off sick.
  • Consider whether the member of staff needs to be referred for an assessment by Occupational Health to help both parties understand what adjustments are needed.
  • Review the effectiveness of the adjustments already agreed.

Make a copy of the Individual Adjustment Plan